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Who we Are

My name is Chris Hylton and my wife Minnie Hylton and I have started this website in honor of our daughter Emma and all the special needs families out there in Orange County.  Not everyone understands what it means to be a parent of a special needs child, nor what it means to be that child.  On this site look forward to seeing tips on getting through the various stages of life for your child, along with venues that cater to our children.  You can have fun, and so can your child.  We plan on setting this site as a guide for your path to make your life and the life of your child more enjoyable.  The information you find here is based on our experience and testimonials from families we have either helped or received help from ourselves.  Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and we want to make sure you get it.


Places to See

Here we will post restaurants, parks and events that all cater to the needs of our children.  Please be mindful that this is all done in my spare time, but feel free to share information so that I can post it as soon as possible.


A little Help Goes A Long Way

Here we will post Tips and Tricks that will help you achieve a happy life for you and your family.  These are based not only on our own experiences but those of friends as well.

Get Educated

There are many special needs children out there, and their needs each vary per case.  Here we list different disabilities so that you can see what others are going through.  If you know someone that doesn't understand what you are going through, this will be a good place to send them.

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Feel Free to send us information on events for Special Needs Children in your area and we will post them here.

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