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Here you will find websites and links to specific parks, along with our ratings of them.  We appreciate your feedback and support and feel free to recommend others in your area for us to research.

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Coming Soon you will find the places that we like to eat at, that take the time to acknowledge your child and treat them like a person.  We will share tips on where to sit and what to ask for when you are seated.

Places to Eat

Special Events

Christmas is right around the corner.  Make sure your child gets some time with Santa Claus, time to see the Christmas lights, and time with family.


Shopping is not always easy with children, and special needs children are no different.  In fact some of them (ours included) tend to get a bit more hands on than others.  We will guide you in great places to shop for service and for price as well as those that have what your child needs.  (As we add more this link will change to a page with multiple places to shop.)

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In home therapy for those with all types of issues, ranging from 4 years old to the 90's.  Have personally met two of the staff and are a wonderful crew that also volunteers for many events.

Bridging the Gap


When you send us questions or feedback on the site, check back to this page for results.  We will act on everything quickly, and post the answers as fast as we can.