Tips and Tricks

Understanding the I.E.P.


Your Individual Educational Program or I.E.P. can seem stressful, especially the first time.  We have been through many, and we will guide you through it from several different perspectives so that you have a better understanding of what to expect.

Cooking and Meals


Not all children eat by mouth, many of them need to be fed through a feeding tube and it requires the meal to be prepared with special ingredients.  Here you will find some tips on meal preparation and what works best for your child.


Creative Ideas


Are you looking for some creative ideas to do with your child.  Here are some fun things that can be done around the house, making it safe to have some fun.

Special Books Special Kids


This is an educational site that teaches about the diversity of people.  It contains a lot of videos to watch, all are educational and could help guide you in  your path.


Family Support Network


This site is a great resource for information and support.  They know what it means to be understanding, patient and supportive to you and your child.  Their mission is to provide services and resources for children with special needs so they can reach their full potential

Family Support Network

Regional Center of Orange County


A great source of information that you will be referred to once you have a diagnosis on your child.  

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